Our outputs include rapid research reviews, commentaries and policy guidance, as well as commissioned research, consultation responses and stakeholder engagement. A selection of recent UK Pandemic Ethics Accelerator outputs follow.

The Accelerator offers a diversity of intellectual views and analysis. All branded outputs have been peer reviewed before publication.

There’s no need to pause vaccine rollouts when there’s a safety scare. Give the public the facts and let them decidelaunch

Julian Savulescu, Dominic Wilkinson and Jonathan Pugh co-authored this article for The Conversation.

When someone gets sick after receiving a vaccine, this might be a complication or coincidence. This article argues that what matters ethically is not only vaccine confidence and public health, but whether people can make their own autonomous decisions about the risks they want to take.

Mass antigen testinglaunch

A Journal of Medical Ethics blog by Dominic Wilkinson, Julian Savulescu and Jonathan Pugh, was published on 12 March: ‘Lateral flow tests and schools: Why the government’s approach is ethically flawed’.

The UK government has put lateral flow antigen tests at the forefront of its strategy to re-open schools. This article discusses why the sensitivity, specificity, and the predictive value of testing in populations with low prevalence has important moral implications.

The questions we should be asking about vaccine passportslaunch

Cian O’Donovan’s blog ‘The questions we should be asking about vaccine passports’ was published by Research Fortnight and Research Europe on 11 March.

This article discusses the need for inter- and transdisciplinary evaluation of vaccine passport infrastructures. It argues that the terms of assessment, and the categories of impact considered, need to be broader than at present if they are to have viability in the long-term.

Is it irrational not to have a plan? Should there have been national guidance on rationing in the NHS?launch

Dominic Wilkinson and Jonathan Pugh published a blog in The Journal of Medical Ethics on 2 March entitled ‘Is it irrational not to have a plan? Should there have been national guidance on rationing in the NHS?’

If it becomes apparent that at the peak of this pandemic doctors in the UK were having to make rationing decisions without a clear framework or support for doing so, there are some who should be held to account.

Self-experimentation with vaccineslaunch

Jonathan Pugh, Dominic Wilkinson and Julian Savulescu authored the article ‘Self-experimentation with vaccines’ for the Journal of Medical Ethics blog.

Regulators have taken an increasing interest in self-experimentation in the context of bio-hacking given the potential risks it may pose to others. This article discusses moral reasons for regulating self-experimentation for open source vaccines.

Vaccine passport perspectives

Sarah Chan and Dominic Wilkinson shared their perspectives on vaccine passports on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme on 20 February.