Our outputs include rapid research reviews, commentaries and policy guidance, as well as commissioned research, consultation responses and stakeholder engagement. A selection of recent UK Pandemic Ethics Accelerator outputs follow.

The Accelerator offers a diversity of intellectual views and analysis. All branded outputs have been peer reviewed before publication.

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Could COVID ‘vaccine certificates’ lead to discrimination?

Dominic Wilkinson discussed vaccine passports with Al Jazeera on 25 February.

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Self-experimentation with vaccines

Workstreams: Prioritisation

Jonathan Pugh, Dominic Wilkinson and Julian Savulescu authored the article ‘Self-experimentation with vaccines’ for the Journal of Medical Ethics blog. Regulators have taken an increasing interest in self-experimentation in the context of bio-hacking given the potential risks it may pose...

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Vaccine passport perspectives

Sarah Chan and Dominic Wilkinson shared their perspectives on vaccine passports on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme on 20 February.

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Experts unconvinced by Lord Sumption’s lockdown ethics

John Coggon was quoted in The Guardian article ‘Experts unconvinced by Lord Sumption’s lockdown ethics – Archie Bland’ on 19 January. John Coggon questions Lord Sumptions’s view that “quality-adjusted life-years” (QALYs), a measure often used in medical ethics to help...

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