Data use

Over the course of the pandemic significant challenges are arising for decision makers. These are prompted by the urgency and scale by which data is being collected. The challenges include the diverse types of data collected, such as mobile, geospatial, genomic, brain, and behavioural data; the potential for new kinds of data sharing and linkage; risks for vulnerable targets for data collection; and the wider impacts of such approaches.

This workstream investigates ethical challenges arising from large scale data collection, access, use and inter-linkages by governments and large companies, public health, researchers and third sector organisations.

We work with existing experts and leaders in relevant fields, contribute to ongoing efforts across society, and target areas that have been under-researched so far, such as the ethical challenges arising from the use of new data-driven systems with at-risk populations.

The data use workstream is led by Dr Melanie Smallman and Professor James Wilson from University College London, who work with postdoctoral researcher Dr Cian O’Donovan.