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Ethics at Westminster: A workshop on public values and the pandemic

Workstreams: Public values, transparency and governance

On 18th May we brought together Parliamentarians, policymakers, and academics at the House of Commons to discuss how to bring ethical thinking and debate into public policy on pandemic recovery and preparedness, and how to involve the public in such...

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Library Item Rapid Ethics Review

Vaccine Boosters, Vaccine Nationalism and Cosmopolitanism

Workstreams: Prioritisation

In this rapid ethics review, the Prioritisation team, with Aksel Sterri and Emily Kinder, analyse the ethical ramifications of conflicting approaches to the allocation of Covid-19 vaccine boosters, between arguments for countries prioritising doses for their own citizens vs arguments...

Library Item Ethical Framework

Place and health inequalities: an ethical framework for evaluating and developing policy

Workstreams: Public health and health inequalities

In this Ethical framework by Dr Beth W. Kamunge of the Public health and health inequalities workstream, the impact place has on health inequalities is explored.